Workshop tickets now on sale

One of things that make the Appledore Music Festival special is that, as well as fine music, there are workshops open to all, where you can learn from the great musicians that live in the area.

Jim Crawford is showcasing his mastery of the guitar in masterclasses at the Champ. Lara Conley is holding her uplifting fun singing workshops upstairs at Appledore library. And Russell Bave will be passing on his immense experience in songwriting and drumming workshops, also at the library.

Tickets for Jim Crawford’s guitar masterclass are now on sale. Click on the links below to purchase. Tickets for the other workshops will become available very soon. For more details, visit the Workshops page.

Jim Crawford Masterclass – Sunday 26 May

Lara Conley Singing Workshop – Friday 24 May

Russell Bave Drumming Workshop – Friday 24 May.

Russell Bave Songwriting Workshop – Friday 24 May

Learn blues guitar in Jim Crawford's masterclass