Just Five Weeks ’til Lift Off!

Time flies by and we’re rapidly approaching the start of Appledore Music Festival.

We have all the great and the good of local music performing including… The Jukes, A Smile, Two Bangs and a Legend, Jim Crawford, Gypfunk, Joy Machine, Andy Morrison, Baz Bix, Steve Ruffe, Sophie Smiles, The Applecorers, Russell Bave, Richard Malfait, Ant & Eve Parker, Marsh & The Reluctant Friends, Lara Conley, Bush Pig, Bright Lights Collective, Cole Crawford, Dave Daccore, Nex’t’Nothin’, Clear Waters Deep, Domingo Caramelo, Sophie Randles-Dunkley, Appledore Festival Ceilidh Band, Steve Ellison, and the Appledore Brass Band.

It all kicks of on Friday May 17th… hopefully we’ll provide a bit of sun after this long damp winter!