Privacy Policy

This web site uses Google Analytics which means that Google has information about pages that you visit on the web site, via a cookie. 85% of all web sites use Google Analytics. We use it to understand a little more about which pages are viewed and where visitors to the site have come from. Google collects your IP address when you visit the site.

You may have noticed that there is no option to opt out of cookie data collection. The reason is that this makes almost no difference to the data that Google collects. Google are able to associate your visit to this web site with other activity, and profit from that information by targetting advertising to your profile, whether you opt out of cookie data collection or not. By not having the opt-out, your experience of using this web site is just a tiny bit better than it would have been. After all, how annoying is the pop-up asking you to confirm that you accept use of cookies?

We do not collect any personal data. Even if we did, your data would remain private and never be sold to third parties. This site is not about using personal data for profit. There is no paid-for advertising on the site. Advertisers on web sites mostly display ads using technology from Google or Meta (Facebook). By not having ads, there is much less information collected when you visit this web site.

For any queries relating to privacy, please contact us using the Contact Us form.